Company profile

Company profile

Company name Kanagawa Kiki Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
President Reijiro Urabe
Head office・Factory 8-19-1,Okamura,Isogo-ku,Yokohama-city,


Torihama factory 15-10,Torihama-cho,Kanazawa-ku,
Kobe Branch office 809 Meikai bldg,32,Akashi-cho,
Correspondent banks Yokohama branch, Bank of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Bandoubashi branch,Bank of Yokohama
Capital ¥60,000,000- (Jan, 2016)
Number of employees 95
Date of establishment Feb.1951
Overseas agencies UK. VOKES limited.
Major business fields ■Diesel engines
We provide a lineup of various strainers, filters, and related products for marine and land diesel engines, and expand our design, development, manufacturing and maintenance activities in Japan and internatinally.

■Gas turbines
We provide a lineup of various filters, oil mist eliminators, and related products with the motto of energy conservation.

■Public sector and atomic energy
One of our strengths is providing special specifications in cases where “safety is the mission.” We offer a wide range of services based on our proven track record.

■Sanitary field
We provide a wide lineup of equipment and devices for production lines for products intimately connected to our daily lives, such as dairy products, soft drinks, pharmaceutical products, foods, and more.

We provide systems for the purification of lubricating and rolling oils, and separation of water and oil for steel-mill facilities.

■General industry
We provide a lineup of line filters, oil purifiers, and other related equipment and devices for petrochemical plant facilities and hydraulic systems.