Filter dedicsted for ballast water treatment

Filter dedicsted for ballast water treatment【KBW】

Seawater resistance

It excels in corrosion resistance against seawater by using a filter cartridge made of two-phase stainless steel notch wire and resin.

Compact ecological design

Evaluation and analysis of the energy consumption as well as the carbon dioxide emission have been conducted from the design, procurement and manufacturing stages. In addition, it has been designed with a suppressed height to facilitate mounting onto existing ships.


Our lineup is compatible with a wide range of flow rates. Please ask us about nozzle direction corresponding to the installation location.

High washability

In addition to the automatic backwashing mechanism with the continuous or intermittent operation options, a cross-flow washing method effective for removing particulates from inside the element is used.

Kanagawa Kiki Kogyo Co., Ltd. participated in a joint test approved by BWMS (BallastAce – JFE Engineering Corporation), after which a number of equipment has been used for actual operation.