Notch wire element

Notch wire element

The notch wire element is manufactured by wrapping specially treated thin stainless steel wire around the cylindrical filter frame. It has a simple structure and robust form, allowing very accurate setting of the filtering passage size. In addition, because the element is not subject to corrosion or deterioration, and impurities adhered to the element can easily be eliminated by backwashing or air blowing, the element requires no replacement and has a semi-permanent service life. Because of its high reliability, we also supply many elements of this type to the public sector, including the Ministry of defense and Japanese Coast Guard.

Feature1 Robust filter

Because a single notch wire is wrapped around a cylindrical filter frame, the element is very robust. For a wire mesh element, when the requirement for the filtration accuracy is high mesh, thin wire is used. This may cause problems for strength, which must be resolved by overlapping the wire mesh in many layers (multilayered structure). On the other hand, a notch wire element with a single-layer structure will attain the required strength.

Feature2 Accurate filtration size

A wire mesh element has filtration accuracy distribution as defined by the Japan Industrial Standard (JIS). On the other hand, a notch wire element makes it possible to manufacture a filter of the correct size. In addition, the filtration size will not be changed after element cleaning

Feature3 Ease of cleaning

Because of the single-layer structure of the element, impurities adhered to the element can be easily eliminated by air blowing, and the cleaning effectiveness can be visually checked. For this advantage, many elements of this kind are used in the sanitary (food) industry.

Feature4 Large passing area

A wire mesh element has a multilayered structure, resulting in reduced passing area. On the other hand, a notch wire element has a single-layer structure, making it possible to secure a large passing area.

Feature5 Versatile usage

The notch wire element is applicable to high viscosity fluid and the like under any specification conditions, including high temperature and high pressure.