Oil water separator

Oil water separator

This oil water separator equipped with a special coalescer eliminates foreign substances with the first layer element and separates water with the second layer. Emulsified water in fuel or lubricating oil can be effectively separated and eliminated by passing it through the special fibrous layer with super-hydrophilic properties.


1. Diesel or type-A heavy oil can be separated until the water content under room temperature (1 pass) is 0.01% or less for diesel oil, or 0.02% or less for type-A heavy oil. For lubricating oil for industrial use, separation is enabled until the water content is 0.03% (volume) or less under heating temperature (1 pass) with viscosity of approximately 20 cSt.

2. The separated water volume is monitored with the water level sensor and the separated water is automatically discharged, saving energy.

3. Because the element is of cartridge type, it can be easily replaced.

4. Performance is not lowered even under such severe conditions as marine use.

5. This oil water separator is not available for type B or C heavy oil, A/C blended heavy oil or engine oil, because such oil would raise the differential pressure and lower the separation performance.