Cartridge-type filter

Cartridge-type filter

UNI/FV fine filter

■Measure of FCC oil filter

The quality of marine fuel oil has fallen consequent to the transition to fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) oil. As a result, there have been reports of abrasion of cylinder liners, piston rings and pump plungers. The UNI/FV filter series for FCC oil has been developed as a measure against such abrasion, which is caused by alumina and silica mixed in catalytic cracking.

■Advantages of element

Using a pleated element made of special synthetic felt, UNI fine filter for fuel oil provides a wide filtration area and high sludge holding capacity, in addition to superior heat resistance. Because of these advantages, this filter is highly economical, making it possible to process a large volume of oil with a small filter size.

Bench test conditions
・The sample is A/C fine test dust (for entry of 397 ppm)
・Micrograph of 0.45μm millipore filter

■Filter performance test

The graph shown to the right gives the functions of the centrifugal separator, automatic secondary filter (K8FE type), and UNI/FV filters used in a fuel oil purifying line (distribution before cleaning, particle distribution and particle dimensions) represented in quantitative form.

UNI/FV filter

UNI/FV filter element

JGP filter

The JGP filter is used in the marine field in addition to various land industries. Its compact design and superior operability make this filter indispensable for the purification of lubricating oil (filtration accuracy 1μm).


High precision filtration, easy handling, flexible adaptability, small size and high capacity.

The JGP filter