Filter for steel industries

Filter for steel industries

This is a notch wire filter developed for filtration of lubricating or system oil in rolling processes, and casting/rolling lines in the steel industry, and has a wide range of usages and designs. The backwashing system based on the revolutionary combination of the multi-cylindrical structure of the notch wire element, electric or hydraulic motor and hydraulic actuator provides a process line that enables long-term maintenance free operation.

Automatic backwashing-type filter for cold rolling mill roll coolant

Automatic backwashing-type filter for cold rolling mill gear oil

Automatic backwashing-type filter for hot rolling mill lubricating oil

Foreign material/water eliminator for high-concentration lubricating oil of hot rolling mill

JGP filter for cold rolling mill hydraulic oil

High-viscosity lubricating oil foreign material/water eliminating system

System used to maintain the reliability of mechanical facilities by eliminating foreign material and water from the lubricating oil.


Minimize level of water in oil (200 ppm or less)
Easy operation, maintenance and management
Longer element replacement cycle
Automatic operation and remote monitoring


No maintenance required for lubricating devices and lubrication sections
Increased lubricating parts service life
Prevention of sudden failures in bearings
Increased lubricating oil service life